Friday, 21 October 2016

[Updates in Blogging] October 2016

We're about halfway through October (or even further. I don't know), and whilst I might not have much in ways of Updates, I thought it best to keep y'all in the loop with my Blogging, as well as a few plans I might have along the way.

Sometimes, you just need to do an Update like this, and for a while, I've wanted to do it. So... Let's go!?

Okay! Musume Time

As I have no spiffy pics as of right now, I'm just going to sub-head everything, and get to the nitty gritty. For O!MT itself, I have a few things lined up that I want to get through for October mostly, but it may trickle into some of November, too. So, without any more blabbing, this what I current have planned;

  • Halloween Reviews
  • [PV Selection] September 2016... maybe
  • MV Reviews (in line with the Halloween themed review)
  • Okay! Musume Time 6th Anniversary Celebration Post
  • Single Reviews (Most likely Houpri?)
  • PV Reviews (Possibly C-ute)
  • Album Picks for 2016 So Far (Maybe. Might leave till the end of the Year, now)
Basically, from what you can see here, I am trying to get my PV Review count up; I have severely lacked in it recently, and it is one thing I want to get back into, after realising I am focusing more on music than anything, right now. So, it's something I want to get back into, and spam you all with talk of videos I enjoy, and the pictures that go along with it.

In terms of the [PV Selection] posts, I've come to realise these past two months that, truly, I do not enjoy it as much as I do the Music Selections. So, if I do not update with Septembers [PV Selection] Post this month, I am going to scrap it altogether. If I do update, however, I will eventually scrap it, but that will not happen until January of 2017. Realistically, I'm probably going to just not update with it at all, however, I would like to think I can keep it up until December / January time, but we will have to wait and see.

On that kind of note, though, whilst I will be scrapping the idea of [PV Selections] altogether, I am hoping to add in a [PV Highlights] section to my [Music Selection] posts, and add a few MV's of note to it with some comments. If it gets any bigger, I might do a separate post for the heck of it, but it may not happen monthly. I just sometimes don't have the desire or time to go on the look out for music videos. So, yeah. That's why, basically.

... Also, those posts lag. Like, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag when I'm editing. It's a painful process.

November tis' the season of Cake Day, as you all know, and this year it will be O!MT's 6th Birthday. For my Friend Fries in good ol' 'MURICA, November is the month of Thanksgiving. For me in England, it's the Month of this Blog's Birth, and so I will celebrate accordingly with cake, or something.

... Maybe I should make it a turkey? Early Thanksgiving dinner, yo, all for my blurg!

Oh, and I should do a single review, or something. We need more of those here...

Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing hit its 10th anniversary this year, and this month - 11 days ago, actually - I hit my 5th Anniversary on the blog. And I've not written a post for it yet. Fuck.

Anyway, here's what I basically have to do this month or next for SH, because y'know... STUFF!
  • 5 Year Anniversary Editorial
  • Kobushi Factory Single Review (Hopefully, whilst drunk. It's the only way to get through it)
I only have two things to do, and they are fairly simple. Originally, I joked around and said for my 5th Anniversary Editorial, I would steal Michelle Obama's speech as a little parody, or, that I would probably just review Give Me Five!. But, really, I've just settled for the whole thankful spiel, and basically be my typical self; not at all modest, and cheesy as fuck. It's how I roll.

Also, that Kobushi Factory review... I kind of don't want to do it, but holy shit, if I'm drunk, I do! It's such a conflicting feeling, right now... Also, need to check how much Vodka I have. May need a lot to get through that shit storm.

JaME World

... I didn't do anything for September for JaME, and I've still not done the review I selected in September for October, either, which is a bit of a fuuuuuuck moment. I need to get on the review, fast, but bloody University and me being my social self... yeah. I'm doing shit at my Reviewing game right now. Whoops!

Anywhoo, here's what I need to do;
  • London Blue Album Review
  • Another Review... in general. Maybe HouPri?
Just. Review. Chiima! I need to stop procrastinating on my duties, and do shit. But when you have essays as well, and you're trying to keep your own blog alive... sometimes, you begin to wonder why you signed up for doing so much damn stuff?

Because I like to suffer, sometimes.

Hashire! Idol Manic

Okay, so I've not posted this month. No other people have posted this month, actually, though I am still looking for other people to write for it, whether its sporadically, or on a regular basis. I just want writers XD I need to look for more permanent writers, and to potentially get a staff going, but so far, it's decent... I have to update it myself sometimes, though, too!

I have a few ideas for what I'd like to do for Hashire throughout maybe October, and November, so here are the ideas;

  • Ima Shikanai - Now or Never - by Iwanagi Tsugumi
  • PAINT NIGHTMARE by Color Pointe
So far, these are the only two I feel a great desire to review, as I enjoyed both a decent amount, more-so the former. Both are good in their own ways, and I do want to talk about them a bit more, whether it is on Hashire! or even just here or SH. Anywhere is fine, if you ask me, as long as I get them done!!!

... And, I think that's it. Updates all done and dusted, and hopefully, I will get some posts out after this, soon enough. They will either be here, or there, or everywhere. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but one can wish, right? If I only I could procrastinate at work, and do my blogging there. Sadly, I cannot, and I can't when in class, either. Ah, welp!

Until the next Update or Review, please take care, guys! Love yo Idols, and keep smilin'!

Much Love and Health,

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Pastiche du Idol! Wa→Suta vs. The Industry, Let's Break 'The Perfect Idol' Concept! - 'Kanzen Naru Idol' MV Review!

In this big, wide world of Idols, what is the standard, and what makes an Idol perfect? It's time to question the industry in wa→suta's own little survey of "The Perfect Idol", and see if these girls can break away from the demands and constraints of the entertainment world! Are you ready to dive into a sweet yet bitter world that our dear Idols encompass?

As per the usual, all opinions are my own, no matter how you might damn them. Let me thrive in my fangirlish tendencies or bitter states, if I so wish to be such a way.

With their second music release finally upon us this year of 2016, The World Standard, more commonly known as wa→suta, yet again grace us with another visually intriguing but lyrically questionable piece, this time in the form of Kanzen Naru Idol, a song that hopes to invoke thoughts about what can be considered a 'perfect Idol' to those watching, whilst also allowing the members to vent their frustrations on the industry and break away from it. Also, they get to take the piss out of other Idol groups and their videos, because why the Hell not?

Taking on the form of Idol-Cats, the members of wa→suta live a seemingly nyanderful life in this bright world of music, fish, sweet treats and laying in bed. But, when the cat ears come off, who are they really, and what exactly makes a 'Perfect' Idol, when there are so many to choose from in this world already!? Let's head on into this crazy life, and find out! Nyan!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A 24 Hour Limit in Rome! Houkago Princess find Freedom in 'Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato's' Music Video! (Review!)

With October being the month of dress-up and spooks, I think its about high-time I did a few Halloween themed Music Video Reviews, focusing on the fun and costume heavy PV's that, for me, scream out 'Halloween and Dress Up'.  So, with those very themes in mind, who better to focus on for dress-up than the one and only Houkago Princess, the Idol worlds very own Dress-Up unit of the Fairy Tale variety!

As per the usual, my opinion is just as valid as yours, but of course you do not have to agree to it. These are my own words, and if you do not want them to, they will not hold any weight. That is all.

With a brand new generation to kick-start their second chapter, Houkago Princesses 4th major single - 11th overall - pays homage to the 1953 movie classic, Roman Holiday, whilst also celebrating 4th generation member Kizuki Saori's 25th birthday in style and grace. With so many things going on here, one would hope that the beautifully titled Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato will stand the test of time, much like the movie it is themed after. Of course, that does depend on who is viewing it - will you find it befitting of Audrey Hepburn's masterpiece from the early 50's, or see fault in what it tries to achieve?

With nine beautiful Princesses rushing towards the streets of La Vita to escape their mundane palace lives, will the members of Houkago Princess experience the lives of us mere common folk, and find a 24-hour romance in-between? In this colourful tale of Royalty feigning the life of regular girls, let's become enchanted by the delightful members of HouPri as they embark on their own little adventure, and discover the joys of Japan's very own little slice of Venice!

In a world where both Idols and Princesses can only experience love written in books and shown in movies, are you ready to flee these palace walls and experience what only 24-hours can allow? But, shhh! Let's keep these Royal identities a secret, and enjoy some gelato whilst we're at it!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Of Climaxes and Poltergeists and Idols, Oh My! - C-ute's 'Mugen Climax' MV Review!

I've been slacking off on my reviews here lately, so... guess who is going to do a Write-As-I-React Review? Me, because this is my answer to replacing my react videos, and because I have not done one of these in yeeeears!!!

As per the usual, all opinions are my own, and it is fine for you to disagree with me. Just don't go overboard and expect me to change what I think just to fit your values and ideals.

Honestly speaking, I don't know when I last wrote up a music video review; was it last June, when Seishun Mermaid was released, or was it around the time Zukki and Meimi graduated Hello! Project, leaving my life forever? Either way, it's been a hot minute or three since I last graced this blog with a pic spam, so by george, it's time to get to it and take some pictures! And, what better way to do it than with a React-As-I-Write piece?

Basically, I'm going in somewhat blind, and I am going to pic spam and comment as I go along, like I used to in the good-ol' days of blogging. It's been a few years since I've done something like this, so it will at least be somewhat refreshing to do it now, right? That, and honestly... I kind of miss it. I miss this, talking about Music Videos, reviewing them and basically doing what I used to do. Even I've noticed I do this less now than before, and there are a mixture of reasons for that, one being my Youtube Reactions, another being lack of interest lately. So... let's see if we can get back into it, shall we?

Sentimental ramblings aside, I figured it'd be fun to do this one with C-ute in their new (what I like to call) Crow-Slaughtering costumes, because dude, who doesn't love a handful of good-looking Idols wearing what looks like their latest kill for the Halloween season? Plus, this is meant to be a decent MV, so it should give me a few decent screenshots and some fun times ahead.

Oh, and it's C-ute; I kind of have high expectations for them, given their maturity and presence within Hello! Project. No shitty PV's for you, please and thank you.

Anywhoo, I am getting ahead of myself and being all rambly (cause I'm tired, which is no damn surprise), so we're going to shut me up and get on with this wonderful little pic spam, and see what the video's all about. Get out your guns, dear readers, cause we're off bird-hunting with C-ute! Are you ready to fall into their darkest world yet?

Let's read on, and take a peek!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

[Music Selection] September 2016

With my Month of Birth over and done with, I have to honestly say that September was one of the worst months for Japanese Idol Music, at least for me. I could find barely anything I wanted to listen to, and those that I did listen to, were the only ones I listened to. So, despite being a month I adore, it really was shockingly shit in what it turned out. Ah, well.

Also, now that October is here, I have started my 3rd and final year of University, and already I'm panicking. FUN TIMES!!!


Once again, welcome back to my Music Selection post, one and all! Here is where I talk to you all about the Music I have loved and enjoyed from the past month, whether it is from the month gone by, or from previous months to years ago! Whatever it may be, from Jpop to JRock, Chinese ballads to English Musical numbers, I will list it here, with the hopes that you will take a dive and find something new to enjoy, as well! Of course, I will not have listened to everything that has come out, so if there is something you enjoyed that has not been listed, don't get offended; I might not have taken the time to listen to it, or, I did, and was not so keen. It is how it goes.

If you have something you enjoyed and want to share it, too, then please do! Either comment here, or post your own lists on Facebook / your own blogs! Sharing is, after all, caring, and it could get us into some wonderful new music! Woohoo!

... And now it's time to move on! Let's get into this months Music Selection and listen to some music! Yahoi!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Coronation of Smiles! Houkago Princess Crown A New Class of Royalty!

On September 22nd, Houkago Princess took to the stage at Zepp Diver City in Tokyo, perform two one-man lives titled ~Twinkle~ (day performance) and ~Miracle~ (evening) respectively. It was during these very performances that Nagasawa Marina, Sekine Sasara and Kojima Mayumi held their coronation ceremony, the final step in crowning them as 'princesses' of the Regular Lineup for Houkago Princess.

Throughout the ~Twinkle~ performance, members wore their seifuku uniform, as well as newly debuted sports costumes, whilst in the evening, the members transformed into their Idol and Princess costumes. It was close to the end of the ~Miracle~ performance that the three former Candidate members were crowned, and fully initiated into the Regular Lineup along with the senior members of Houkago Princess.

It was also during the ~Miracle~ performance that the four members of Houpriyusu, Nagasawa Marina, Sekine Sasara, Kojima Mayumi and Horii Nina held their final performance together, before the three latest members were crowned. It was a heartfelt moment for the three new princesses, who were taking their steps forward whilst leaving Horii Nina behind as the sole member of Houpriyusu.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Thing with Hello! Project... (and my waning interest in the company itself)

Okay, so recently I opened up an Ask.FM account for this blog and myself, so if people wanted to ask me a question, it's there to do so. I haven't done such a thing in a long while, so it would be intriguing to see what people have to say to me... though, it could also open up a can of worms, because whilst I may be charming and all that crap, I also have a few who dislike me heavily for the fact I bash some groups, and say what is on my mind. I don't own a filter, and for many, that is a big issue. So, yeah, this can be a double edged sword, but hey-ho, there we go!

Anyways, in regards to my Ask.FM account, I currently only have one question and answer, which goes as follows:
What do you think it would take to peak your interest in H!P again? Or do you think the thought is futile at this point?
I honestly don't think it's futile, because I'm pretty sure they'll bounce back again and peak my interest. However, as of late, their music (aside from that of CG and ANGERME) is a bit rehashed, and my interest in their sound has waned considerably because of it. I think if they finally changed their sound after so many years of what they've been producing, it'll interest me. That, or a new group that is consistent in producing quality sound like Country Girls, and one that won't become boring and stagnant after their first five releases.
Now, I really want to change this answer, because I've realised quite quickly that, when it comes to H!P and me voicing my dislike for them as well as my waning interest, people immediately think that I hate the music, and that I hate the PV's, which, actually, I do not. If 2016 is indicative of anything, Hello! Project has actually had a fabulous year, and I have liked a good chunk of the music they have put out. Some I don't like, granted, but that comes with anything you get in the music industry - you don't like everything thrown out there, no matter how much you want to. Music is subjective, as are music videos. Your opinions also happen to change over time, so what you might not like now, you could like in a few years.

Like, for example, Dot Bikini is a song I hated way back when, however I quite like it now. Same with Moonlight Night by Morning Musume; I really did not like that song, however now, I find it really great. This is how it goes sometimes, and for me it is no different. It's a 50/50 chance, always.

What I don't like about Hello! Project is the Management. What I don't like is the constant abuse of recycling songs and refusing to change up their leads. What I don't like is how they're slowing down their releases - for ALL groups - or how they only bother with pushing one or two groups and leaving the other so many floundering. The way they make it very clear that one group is getting better PV's than the others is also highly annoying to see, though sometimes their cheap ways are nice to look at, too, because they can get creative... if they want to.

There is also that issue where, as of late, Hello! Project really do not seem to push their members as personalities. This may be more to do with the fact I myself do not keep up with current affairs, or watch variety shows and TV specials, however, I very rarely see many members outside of Iikubo Haruna, Kudo Haruka and Ikuta Erina doing much outside of Hello! Project itself. Reasons why other groups prosper are because the agencies and companies allow their members to flourish on TV, and let them shine elsewhere, away from the stage and PV camera lens.

Even though I hardly watch variety shows, I know this can be an issue for a group when they don't do it, and it really is becoming a big one for H!P. There is only so much that can be done with concert MC's and weekly questionnaires, both of which I hardly look at, but really, that's my issue there.

So, when I say that I dislike Hello! Project, it honestly has nothing to do with the girls or the music they put out, but the management itself. The music and videos are 100% subjective to you, but the management these girls are under is, in my opinion, shocking, and that is what is pulling me away from them altogether. They are doing the bare-minimum, if that, and I honestly ignored it long enough, until finally that piece of string snapped in two, leaving me at this point.

So, to answer that Ask.FM question again; To get me interested in Hello! Project as a collective again, management would need to start caring. They would need to start pushing all their groups, showing off all the girls, and basically start showcasing the many talents that lie within Hello! Project, because Hell, it is there, you just need to look closely and pray they make use of such talent and personality, because when they don't, it's wasted, and when they do, it's highly overused to a point where the girls have just had enough - just look at what happened with Suzuki Kanon and Sayashi Riho.

And no, this does not just go for Hello! Project; all companies and units have their own issues. Heck, if I said CuteBlack - of which holds Houkago Princess - was perfect, I would be lying. It's just that in this time where Idols shine and stand out amid the crowd, everyone but Hello! Project is doing what they can to get their girls noticed, and that's... well, that is pretty devastating, if you ask me.

I want to say I hope that Hello! Project will turn around, that they will push other girls and start giving all groups a fair chance in single and video releases, but right now, I don't think that's ever going to be the case. Sure, they are currently pushing Makino Maria of Morning Musume to being a center, however that's been a clear promotion since Sayashi Riho graduated. So, I don't hold much faith, and for a long time I probably won't, because this is Hello! Project, and I just seem to feel disappointed by them time, and time, again.

If you want to ask me any questions or throw out a general inquiry, feel free to go to my Ask.FM and fire away. It'll be interesting to see what you have on your minds in regards to Idols, Blogging, or general stuff. Until I see you next time, though, take care, and live long and prosper!

Toodle pip~