Monday, 16 October 2017

Okay! Musume Time: (7) Contest ~Share The Love~ (And Share A Slogan) - 16.10.2017 - 18.11.2017

It's time for another contest! After almost two years since my last contest, I thought that it was high time to share the Idol love with you all once again, and give something back to you all for supporting Okay! Musume Time all these years!

The prizes this time are a little more fixed than previous contests, so I do apologise, BUT! I hope you all enter, regardless! Thank you, in advance!

Important / relevant information before we get into this post:
  • The contest will run from October 16th, and end on November 18th. All entries posted after this date stamp will not be considered.
  • Any questions may be asked via e-mail, at
  • Comments on this specific post are my preference. E-mail entries are accepted, specifically for Anonymous posters, due to needing to contact you.
  • All comments will go through a spam check before being published.

After such an energetic year in Life, Blogging and Idols, I wanted to celebrate my 7th year in blogging with a contest for those who read, comment, support and enjoy the rambles and idiocy I place onto this very domain! No matter who you are, or where you may be, please know that this is a contest for all of you, and a giant THANK YOU for the tremendous amount of support, love and even the disregard you have shown me for the past (nearly) 7 years!

Of course, like all contests, the prizes I will be giving away are limited to only two; I do not have all the money in the world, nor do I have the means to give everything a little something for participating. Just know that, no matter what, I appreciate you all, and the effort you put into this contest. I just wish that I could give everyone something, aside from these words ):

And now, I want to wish everyone who enters luck in this contest! It won't be a hard one (promise), with this contest standing as my easiest, yet! All you have to do is comment, share the love, and inspire me a little! That is all I ask from you, this time around~

Okay, my yammering's done... Time to get into the details!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

[PV Selection] August '17

Like Cinderella, I am late to my very own ball, but hey! It's my blog, so I can arrive any time I want. Still... there's no excuse for a post to come out a month late, when I only do it once a month, right? RIGHT! I'm just useless, and forget things sometimes. This time around, I just got busy, and forgot. Woe is me, all that jazz. WELL, HERE WE ARE!

At least I didn't ignore it, as I planned to. Seriously, I just felt like giving it up XD I really must stop being so negative, and try to manage my time better. Sounds like a plan I will never see through, aye?

OKAY, I'll stop blabbering now. Let's go through the typical spiel. GO!

As per the usual, let's get on with the disclaimers, and all that jazz! Like always, all MV's recorded in this here blog entry are subject to my opinion, and are of course the videos that I have enjoyed from the month gone by, times by two. This does not mean that the PV's not featured are terrible, or that I hate them; they just didn't grab my attention like others did. PLUS, some of those MV's did make it on here, but didn't appear in the final edit of this post. It happens, because opinions change, and my initial view was possibly a lot grander than before. That is just how it is.

Of course, if there is something that doesn't appear that you think I must see, then go ahead and talk about it in the comments! I am open to your suggestions, and I know full well that I can not have seen every MV out there! I am simply one human bean, and one blogger, so if I've missed something, I want you to know that I would like to watch it, if I can!

And with all that said and done, it's time to look at some MV's, and a little bit of commentary on each one! Are you ready to entertain yourselves with our beloved Idols? If so, it's time begin...~

Thursday, 12 October 2017

[Music Selection] September '17

Here we go again! After another month, we return to the Music Selection, where I share my choice of songs from the month gone by! With October making its way forward, and September all the way in the past, it's time to start dishing out the new singles and finding my faves... but, wait! We can't forget September's treats, can we, now?

And with September, comes a bunch of new favourites, and perhaps a few oldies that you may recognise and love, already. So, let's get into this, and tune in. Are ya ready to turn the volume up to 100?

This month I turned 25! Wow, big numbers, and halfway to 50! It's weird to think that I'm now 25 years of age, because I still feel 18, but... yeah, that's how age works. Once a year, we hit another number, and the year after that, it only gets bigger.

And, this year, I didn't do a damn Bday post. What in the hey!? But, honestly, I had bigger fish to fry on September 14th. Juicey=Juicey fish... >o>

Anyways... Welcome back to the usual Music Selection, everybody! Hopefully your month in music has been prosperous and filled with variety and happiness! And if not, I hope that there is something here to quench your need for Idols and all things entertaining! Much like always, all songs listed here are based on my personal tastes, and are the tunes I enjoyed throughout the month of September! Whether it is current or released months back, arriving in the future, or decades old, I put here the songs that I have enjoyed, or those that I anticipate! That's the way this works, and for a while, it won't change. Okay? OKAY~

Of course, I cannot listen to all of the Idol music that comes out. I try my best to hear what I can, but, as I am one little soul in a sea of many, there's only so much music I can listen to, and so much I can enjoy. Your suggestions are, of course, appreciated; if there is something missing that you enjoyed, then please let me know about it! If I've not heard it, I shall try my darndest to do so at a later date.

But... I won't always like everything, either. Sometimes, a song is not on here because it's not to my taste, so if there is a song that you suggest, but I never speak of it, then the reason might be that I don't enjoy it, either because it's horrible, boring, or it just doesn't excite me. There can be a number of reasons as to why someone doesn't like a song, and whilst I will happily review it, if the song doesn't stir something inside of me - dislike, delight, energy, anger, the works - then I will disregard it, and ignore it. That is just how I roll, my lovelies.

And with all of that over and done with, it's time to get into the (late) September Music Selection! With the Autumn rearing its head, let's fly away from September, and greet the warmth of Autumn-Winter music. Pop in those earphones, wrap up warm, and entertain yourselves with the remnants of summer, and the beginnings of Fall...

Monday, 9 October 2017

BLAST Away Those Doubts! BLAST Your Ear Plugs Away! It's Time To Experience The Power of Momoiro Clover Z's 'BLAST!' [Single Review}

After reviewing that one MomoClo Z single, Z no Chikai, I seem to have neglected doing the second request that dear Tanera sent me, though honestly, I didn't forget it. I never intended to leave it this long to review the blasted - no pun intended - single, either, but good grief, procrastination happened, and well over a month later, here I am, finally reviewing the bugger.

Welp... at least I didn't leave it to fester, *pretending* to forget it, or refusing to review it, for whatever dumb reason. Because, here I am, ready to review it.

Let's just pray it's better than the trash I had to listen to, last time. Pleas, oh please, let this one be a blast.

Now, that pun was totally meant to be there, but enough with all that. It's time to get into it, and listen to some more MCZ. Prep them ear plugs, guys.

We all know my deal with MCZ. I ignore them, and live happily ever after, a blissful bubble of delight and Idol music that is never infiltrated by whatever they bring out. This is the life I lead, and a life I enjoy, thanks very much. Still, I like that you guys request and suggest stuff; it means I get out of that safe little bubble haven I have made for myself, and it gives me the chance to explore more.

Sometimes, as a blogger, I forget that I need your suggestions as much as I give you suggestions, via my reviews. So, to hear your suggestions, and what you wish for me to review, gives me an idea of what you like, and finally hearing it, why you like it. I may not always agree with your tastes, of course, but that's part of the fun. We get to see why I don't like it, or why I agree with you.

So, basically; feel free to suggest something. I may not get around to it until a later date, of course, cause busy busy, but that doesn't mean I won't give it a chance, either. I'll happily oblige, if I have the time to do so.

In short: I may not care for MomoClo Z like others do, but, I will review them, because I was asked to. Having not heard this single fully (snippets here and there), I can't say much about it right now, so all of my initial opinions will be placed here, as well as some after-thoughts once I've listened to each song more than once. It'll be on a loop, as per the usual, so of course, I hope that I enjoy it.

I mean, I don't exactly care for MCZ, anyway, but I don't want a repeat performance of disappointment with a single of theirs. I am wholeheartedly praying that I like this one, cause I know MCZ do have good music, somewhere in their discography list. I just haven't heard any of it, lately.

So, we're gonna head right on into this, with the hopes that instead of blasting my ears off, it blasts my socks off. Please, please, please be good!

Let's go!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Let's Listen Everyday, But Only If You Wanna - Perfume's 'If you wanna' Single Review!

Well, there has been a n overwhelming (meaning: three) surge of requests for this song. After releasing my Music / MV Selection for the month of August, I found myself with a fair few comments regarding this single, and requesting it for review, to boot.

It's a bit late, but, here it is; a Perfume review you, for If You Wanna, as requested by Anonymous, Violette and Raaaaainboooows. It's happening, you're welcome, sorry for the wait. Life's been hectic.

Time to be entertained... but only if you wanna~

Despite trying my best to follow Idols and Japanese acts as closely as possible, Perfume is one of those few who have never really stood out to me, not because I find them bad or unbearable, but because they just simply don't flit into my radar. I generally don't go out looking for their MV's, or think to find their music, though there will be the odd one or two times where, for some reason, I feel the need to take a look at their latest release. I'm usually impressed, but, it's never been enough to keep me hooked on them.

It's a shame, really. They're a talented trio, and they are entertaining to watch. I just need to find the one. That song and video combo that will hook me forever, and leave me wanting more. Until that happens, however, I will simply have to keep on watching out for them, whenever the desire creeps up on me.

This time, it is less about desire, and more about fulfilling a request. Never a bad thing, mind; it's good to take on other peoples requests to see just why they like it, and to give myself something new to listen to, and potentially find a song that will become my brand new jam. It won't always work out, but, if it does, I'm really thankful, and extremely pleased that it was requested of me. And, given how three people asked about this single review, I can't help but be intrigued, at this point. Is it really that great? Has Perfume come out with something that will blow my proverbial socks off? Well, I bloody hope so, because you've all intrigued me, at this point. Thanks, guys.

So, we;re gonna head right on into this review, with this being the first time that I hear this single in its entirety. I've not played the song, watched the MV, or even dared to preview the instrumental or opening. It will all be brand new to my ears, written from the get-go in my unbiased, unknowing opinion.

Oh, this is gonna be fun. First impressions, A-GO!!!

If you wanna by Perfume

Release Date: August 30th, 2017

Track List:

1. If you wanna
2. Everyday
3. If you wanna (original  instrumental)
4. Everyday (original instrumental)

Friday, 6 October 2017

Juice=Juice LIVE AROUND 2017 ~World Tour~ (London Edition)

This article has been cross-posted from Selective Hearing, which you can find HEREso please check it out there as well as here! Thank you very much!

This year, Hello! Project and Up-Front Agency surprised overseas fans with the news that their group, Juice=Juice, would embark on their first world tour. Running from September 8th until October 1st 2017, the tour saw Juice=Juice perform in Mexico, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, making it the longest running overseas tour for a Hello! Project group to date, as well as the first to see one of the agency's groups enter the UK, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia.

It was on September 14th that Juice=Juice made their way to London to hold their UK debut. Held at 229 The Venue on Great Portland Street, the seven-member unit would perform to a sold-out crowd of 150 fans. Finally, a Hello! Project group on my own turf – I wasn’t going to miss out on that, especially when I didn't need to travel to another country to see it.

That said, going to London is like a holiday itself; I rarely go, making it feel like I'm entering another country, regardless.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

When The Tiara Falls... Houkago Princesses Michishige Saho Has Been Demoted.

On September 17th 2017, Michishige Saho announced via her official Twitter account that she will be demoted as a member of Houkago Princess, and continue as a Houkago Princess YOUTH member from September 27th, on-wards. Staff have yet to release a statement on the matter, but the decision seems final.

From June 3rd, Michishige Saho had been undergoing a 'Study Period' as a member of Houkago Princess, where she would only attend various events subject to availability. She would attend all Team Miracle events that were planned out, however, her performance as a Regular member was very sporadic, to say the least.

This decision was made by both Saho and staff members to try and maximise her abilities, and to improve herself so that she could keep up with the other Regular members. However, due to what may staff's interpretation of a lack in progress, it has now been decided that Michishige Saho will be demoted, and no longer perform as a Regular member of Houkago Princess.

Her final performance as a Regular member will be on September 26th, which is also the Birthday LIVE for Kojima Mayumi, who will turn 22 years of age. Saho has expressed that it is a good occasion to spend her last live as a Regular member, as it is a stage of celebrations.