Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Miyashita Mayuka - The Graduation Appreciation Post

*Though Mayuka has already Graduated Houkago Princess, I wanted to properly appreciate her, and give tribute to this member of a group I dearly love. It's late, yes, however I wanted to pay my respects and voice my thoughts on her, as I did with Mihotan and those many Hello! Pro members I've written for prior to this. So, with that said, thank you and read on.

On August 15th 2016, Miyashita Mayuka took to the stage one last time as a member of Houkago Princess. A 1st / 2.5th generation member of the group, the 23 year old made the decision to graduate this year after much consideration for her future, in which she hopes to become an anime voice actress, a dream she has long been harboring even before becoming an Idol.

Though her Graduation has come and gone, I want to take my time appreciating and thinking about the Idol that is Miyashita Mayuka here on my blog. I want to share with you my thoughts on her, and to fully dedicate something to this wonderful girl who filled many fans' hearts with joy. So, even though she has already taken her final curtsy, let's think about and love HouPri's original songstress, and revel in the darling that she is.

Ohakyan~! MAYUKYANDI!!!

Miyashita Mayuka, though one of the quieter members on all social media platforms, was - for a while - one of the bigger voices in Houkago Princess, especially in their early days. A talented songstress, Mayukyandi gained two solo songs under her belt during her tenure, and was a sub-vocalist who stunned many with her beautiful, surprisingly flexible voice that suited most (if not all) songs HouPri brought out. From cute to cool, this girl could rock any piece, something which still astounds me even today.

In the early days of my HouPri fandom, it was Mayuka who I admired for her voice. Of all the singers, she was definitely the most pitch-perfect, the most seasoned and well rounded in voice. She was a talented girl, and whilst she might not have stood out to me in looks, she stood out in voice. I always thought 'wow... she's good!'. So, whilst she might not have been one for me to focus on visually, she was a girl I liked to hear in songs, especially when there was someone like Nanayan hurting my ears in earlier tracks.

Her voice was a saviour, if you will. A graceful tinkle to the ears that you were extremely thankful for.

In 2012, however, Mayuka graduated, and I really didn't think much of it at the time... she was pursuing a career in fashion, and whilst her voice was a loss to the group, there was Nene at that point, who was the vocal successor of Mayuka at that point. However, in early 2013, Mayukyandi made her return to the group as an Apprentice / Cadet, before being promoted to the Regular lineup where she was appointed a 2.5th generation member, and yet again, a sub-vocalist.

Her second solo song was soon released, 2.5 jigen no Genjitsu, and it was a surprise, showing off the power and maturity in Mayuka's vocals that had not yet been revealed in previous songs. Of course, her voice was still adorable in lilt, however it was lower, cooler, a lot more prominent than it had ever been, and it was at that point I thought Mayuka was HouPri's best singer. Even with Maika as a member, she couldn't compare to Mayuka's flexibility and change of tone... though a sub-vocalist, Mayukyandi surpassed HouPri's best singer, at least in my eyes.

To simply put: I thought Mayuka was an incredible singer, and that she deserved more than her sub-vocalist status. Sadly, she really didn't get any further than that.

Now in all honesty, I never found Mayukyandi that eye-catching as a member. Yes, she is extremely cute and nice to look at, however, she never quite charmed me like she did my friends. It was always her voice I found wonderful, as opposed to the girl on the screen. Her lack of online presence could have something to do with how I felt towards her, because I like following the HouPri girls' twitter accounts and reading their blogs from time to time, but Mayuka was always quite quiet and gentle.

She looks how she acts, if you think about it; very demure, docile and sweet. I guess you could say she bored me, personality wise, though she proved to be quite enjoyable to watch in music videos, sometimes.

I have not followed Mayuka as much as I did Mihotan or other members, and whilst I liked her, she was never my favourite member, or someone who stood out to me. I have watched others love and adore her more than I ever could, and seen how happy she makes my friends in performances and more. She is a great Idol, that's for sure, and she is a vocal treasure that will never be replaced in HouPri, and honestly, I do think they have lost out, because Mayuka was really talented, and her flexibility cannot be matched by anyone else, at least not within the current Regular lineup. This girl was never a one-trick pony, that's for sure.

Seriously, I'm going to miss that voice of hers.

A quiet girl with a voice more prominent than others, Miyashita Mayuka is someone who was treasured dearly by her fans. She is definitely more than a cute face, and she had so much to offer the group in many ways. There is no denying that she was loved by the other members, and that she loved them and HouPri in return, however Mayuka was also clear from the get-go where her future lay, and what she hoped to pursue during and after her time in HouPri. She never lied, never sugar-coated her desires, and never gave up that chosen career for the sake of being in a group she had seen from its beginnings until now.

Mayukyandi, despite how quiet and demure she can seem, is someone who knows what she wants and will run towards that dream. She worked hard to get to where she is today, and tried her best to focus on being both an Idol and a voice actress. But when she realised it was all too much for her to do the two things she loved at once, she made that decision to put one above the other, and follow the path she knew would make her the happiest.

I am sad that Mayuka has graduated a group I love, but I know that she graduated with the desire to become a voice actress. At the time the decision was made, Mayuka was falling ill continuously, trying her best to juggle Idol activities and voice acting school, only to find that she couldn't do two things that greatly strained her voice. So, I understood why she made the tough decision to leave Houkago Princess, because whilst being an Idol seems great, it's not a career that Mayuka herself sees for her future. She wants to be - has always wanted to be - a voice actress, and that is what she will be aiming for from here on out, and I am happy she chose what she knew she wanted more.

Though she may not be my favourite member, I do like Miyashita Mayuka and I will miss her greatly. Her voice is one I will listen for, even though I know it won't be there any more, and when I don't hear it, I'll feel quite sad and put out, because she was always someone I wanted to hear whenever HouPri brought something new out.

So, yes, I will miss you, Mayukyandi, in voice more than image, but nonetheless, I'll miss you. Your presence was a great one, if you ask me, and despite that sweet, demure look and feel you have, I think you are a stellar performer, and someone who truly made Houkago Princess great. And, for sure, I know many others will miss you, because you were the heart and soul of the group for many fans with your cute face and wonderful voice.

Thank you for being a part of this group, and for delivering to us all your song! The smiles you have brought to many will never be forgotten, and neither will you.

A girl with a 2.5th Dimensional Dream is heading on for a career in voice acting, however before that, she was a voice within HouPri that resonated with many fans, from Japan and beyond. Though she may not have been a lead in songs like Odagiri Nana or Maika, Mayuka still made her mark within the group and showed us all just what she was made of, and that she was more than a cute face and a demure personality. She was an incredible part of this group, and one of the most talented members to walk through the halls of HouPri.

And now, with her diploma in hand, Miyashita Mayuka has graduated from Houkago Princess with a smile and treasured memories of the group she watched grow from the ground up. From here on out, she will watch them through the school gates as an alumni, and hopefully as a fan of the future Houkago Princess to come.


Miyashita Mayuka, Sotsugyō Omedetou! I hope to hear your voice again soon.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Road Filled with Dreams and Hard Work Comes to its End! C-ute to Disband June 2017 at Saitama Super Arena!

Hitting newspaper headlines before it was announced live on the stage, Hello! Project's oldest and dearest group, C-ute, have announced that they will be disbanding in June of 2017 to follow their own individual dreams, and to take on that path called adulthood.

Announced on August 19th 2016, the group revealed their intentions for disbandment during the Hello! Project Nakano Sun Plaza live, noting that the idea has been in the works since the youngest member, Hagiwara Mai, turned 20 in February this year. With an up-coming performance at Saitama Super Arena, a stage which the girls have long dreamed of standing on, the girls will hold their final performance as the Idol group C-ute before parting ways and taking on their own individual paths.

It must also be said that the current Hello! Project tour will be the groups last, as they will not take part in the 2017 winter tour. In order to focus on their final tours together and their last activities, the group will dedicate their time to C-ute, and make memories for the fans and themselves that everyone shall treasure.

Since the announcement, Up-Front Link on Facebook has released statements from both management and C-ute regarding the announcement. Furthermore, comments from the members about their impending break-up have also been translated for the fans.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Houkago Princess Ranking Time! - 2016 Member Ranking!

With these posts coming to a close, I wanted to celebrate my favourite groups 5th Anniversary with something I've been planning to do for a few years, yet never actually got around to creating, and that is my very first Houkago Princess Member Ranking! Awwww, yeah, took me long enough~

So, to finish off this small series and to show off the members I adore most, let's take a look at this member Ranking, Cadets and Apprentices included, and see just who Chiima adores, and who she likes, but not as much. Are you ready~?

Now just to give y'all a lovely heads up, yes, this post is completely subjective, and is going to revolve around my opinion entirely. Where I did try to take into account what others might like, and what is actually popular within Houkago Princess in the previous two posts (concerning music and video), the member ranking is all my opinion, and about who I like, and why. So, if your favourite member isn't on the very tippity top, please; don't get into a snit. It is the way it is, and I like what I like. THAT'S HOW IT GOES DOWN HERE IN OKAY! MUSUME LAND, BRUH!

And, just to be clear, this list in no way states who is better than who, and which members should be considered over others. It's a blooming list, y'all, and one that I have constructed for my own pleasure to share with everyone. These members, all a part of HouPri 2016, are amazing in their own ways and have distinct personalities and traits that stand above others. No girl is any less, any better, or even the same; they are all wonderful, amazing girls who make this group what it is. But, like you, I am a human, and I have my own shallow preferences; don't read into this too much and think 'wow, she hates so-and-so', because I don't. I just happened to feel attached to another girl over that one, and so on so forth.


So, ya, this is is my 'favourites' list, if you will. The members I like, the ones I love, and the ones I think are great, but haven't exactly won me over, not yet. My preferences are my own, and my favourites... well, they're my babies, and I adore them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at my Idol preferences, shall we? Whee~

Favouritism: ON! Who will Reign supreme as my Number 1? Check it out!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Houkago Princess Selection: The Top 5 PV's New (and Old!) Fans Should See!

When celebrating 5 years of Houkago Princess, I often look back to their videos, and see just how much these girls have grown, how much they improved, and how drastically the quality of their videos have changed... and believe me, people, the quality has upped itself quite a damn lot, especially when you put Oshiete Kudasai and Seishun Mermaid next to one another.

It's truly impressive, if you ask me; they started from the very bottom, and right now, they're paving their way higher up the mountain that is the Idol world. I feel so proud of them, let me tell you!

So, in my quest to deliver you all Houkago Princess posts in celebration of their 5 years upon this Earth, I will be sharing with everyone today a small collection of what I personally consider some of their best Music Videos, and hopefully, I will introduce you to some of their charms when performing in front of a camera! Are you ready?

Now, whilst I would have loved to give you a Top 10 Music Videos List, I have to admit that it'd be a bit difficult; for one, I can't seem to get Dailymotion videos to work here all the time, and secondly, I don't actually think HouPri have 10 good videos. 5, yes, but 10? That's a stretch, because whilst each year has seen their video quality rise, their videos have only truly been great since around late 2013, early 2014. So, it's a difficult thing, to pin-point 10 good music videos out of the 18 they have released (and tried to erase from youtube, actually).

Hence why I'm settling with the Top 5. It'll be a lot easier, and the videos will definitely be the higher-quality ones. Alas, that might mean you've already seen them... they'll be the most recent bunch, obviously.

Of course, what is suggested here for you to watch, and what I have ranked is completely subjective; have my tastes, as do you, so even if I found say, one video appealing, you might dislike it greatly, and find another HouPri PV that suits your tastes better. So, do take that into consideration... however, I am trying to deliver to you all what I think others would enjoy, as well as what I myself like from HouPri's small video collection.

And so, without further hesitation, let's take a look at what I might consider some of HouPri's best PV's, whether it's in look or its aesthetic! Will your favourite be presented here, or will there be something new to enjoy? Read and watch on to find out!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Houkago Princess Selection: The Top 10 Songs New (and Old!) Fans Should Hear!

With 5 years and a variety of songs under their belt, I always wonder just where new listeners can start when it comes to the joy that is Houkago Princess? I mean, the group itself has a rather diverse sound within their discography collection, from cool to cute songs, ballads and energetic pieces fit for crowd participation. Some songs are staples, whilst others are used sparingly, however there is no denying that this group, in their short five year career as Idols, have created some memorable tracks that will appeal to whole host of people, depending on what your tastes are!

So, to celebrate Houkago Princess and their recent Anniversary, I am sharing a small collection of posts introducing fans both old and new to the group, including member introductions and, right now, some samples of what Houkago Princess can do in sound. So, if you have heard these pieces or not, be sure to check them out, and see what you enjoy! Let's go!

Now, I do want to start off by saying that, whilst I feel I have picked a good variety of what this group can do, this list is also completely subjective - I am one person, and I am also a huge fan of this group and their work, so of course it will contain what I think is great. There might be something here that appeals to you, but there may also be nothing in here that you click with; it's just how it is, and I know that my tastes do not match everyone else's.

Regardless, I do hope you enjoy this post, and I do sincerely wish that you find something here to enjoy from Houkago Princesses discography, whether it's one or two songs, or all of them. And, with that said and done, I present to you all the Houkago Princess Selection: The Top 10 Songs New (and Old!) Fans should hear, at least according to Chiima. Let's go!

Monday, 8 August 2016

A New Line of Princesses Head for the Throne! Houkago Princesses 7th Generation to Make their Debut! (+ New Single Announcement!)

*This Update Post is not a part of my Houkago Princess series I am currently releasing, however, it couldn't have come at a better time! Well done, significant announcements!

On August 7th 2016, it was revealed during the final performance at Tokyo Idol Festival that the Houkago Princess Cadet members Kojima Mayumi, Nagasawa Marina and Sekine Sasara had all been promoted to the Regular Lineup. Congratulations!!!

Furthermore, the group also made the announcement that their 4th single is currently in the works! It will be released on October 12th, and is said to focus on the character Princess Ann from the film Roman Holiday, which stars Audrey Hepburn.

Regarding my thoughts on the announcement, of course I am indescribably happy with the news, as well as a bit annoyed by it, too. On the very day I publish my post regarding these members' introductions as HouPri Youth girls, they go ahead and get Promoted to the Regular lineup! Pfft! It's super typical, but truly, I am happy with this announcement, especially now that Mayumin will appear in the PV's from here on out!

I am, of course, most excited for Mayumin's debut, because of the Cadets she was my favourite. She radiates happiness, and honestly, she's just too cute! It's very clear that she adores HouPri and the senior members, and that performing brings her the utmost joy. Every time I see her in a post or a video, she's just beaming away, proud to be a member of such a wonderful unit. So, to see her debut is my dream come true, basically! She's truly deserving of it after all this hard work she has put in!

With Marichu, though not my favourite of the three, I am really damn glad that this debut is finally happening, because firstly, she's wonderful, and secondly, she's spent near-on two years trying to prove to management that she's got a good work ethic and that she wants this as much as anyone else. And, honestly, it would be a tad stupid of both Cute Black and Universal not to recognise how hard she has worked to get to this point in her career; she's too well known for them to ignore, and she's far too popular for them to let go, too. So, if you ask me, she is extremely worthy of this Regular Member title, if not the most deserving.

Sasara's debut is also one I've been awaiting impatiently, because I know that for her, Disney and Princesses is everything, and since becoming a member of Houpriyusu, this girl has given it her all and dedicated everything to the group with passion. All three of them have, however I think Sasara's undying passion for Disney makes her distinct, in a way. Plus, she has an elegant look to her that is deserving of a Princesses role... she and Maika will do nicely together in scenes, I believe, thanks to their maturity and gorgeous aesthetic!

All three members will have their Coronation on September 22nd, during Houkago Princess one-man Live at Zepp Tokyo.


Concerning the groups 4th single release, it has been confirmed by various members of Houkago Princess that the up-coming release has been titled 秘密のティアラとジェラート, or Himitsu no Tiara to Gelato (The Secret of the Tiara and Gelato). Based on the 1953 film Roman Holiday, the group will portray leading character Princess Ann, originally played by Silver Screen starlet Audrey Hepburn.

The release date is set for October 12th this year, meaning that it will be delivered on Kizuki Saori's 25th Birthday... maybe that means it will be a Saorin lead? Who knows, at least until further details are revealed, that is.

With the groups 4th single, it will be the first since Manatsu no Yoru no Yume to to include an entirely new generation in two years. Also, with the up-coming graduation of Mayuka, the latest single release be one of the first since the groups major debut to feature a fresh lineup.

Single covers, costumes, the coupling track(s) and music video releases have yet to be revealed, however with only three months to go until it drops in stores, it is a short amount of time to wait. However, with these next three months passing me by, you can be blooming well sure I'll be the most impatient fan of all, because HouPri's singles really could (and should) come sooner.

And, in a final piece of small news, the group will be releasing their second Calendar for the year 2017! On October 29th, it will be released, and include 8 pages. It will be size B2, and you can pre-order via CDJapan.

Hokago Princess / Hokago Princess
Hokago Princess

All of these wonderful announcements have made my day, and I am honestly ecstatic about the up-coming release, as well as the new lineup! It's been a long time coming, and now it is finally happening!

Congratulations to the new 7th Generation of Houkago Princess, and congratulations to the girls for their up-coming single! I await the release with anticipation and impatience, and will eagerly watch that PV Preview once it hits youtube!

Until the next update, everyone, please take care, love Idols, enjoy the HouPri, and stay happy and Healthy! Mwah!

Much Love,

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

HouPri Youth: A Model Generation Begins! (Unit Introduction)

*As of August 7th, 2016, the day this was posted, Kojima Mayumi, and possibly Nagasawa Marina and Sekine Sasara, were promoted to the Regular Lineup.

With Houkago Princesses 5th Anniversary happening this very month, as well as the first anniversary of their major debut, I thought it wise to create a small series of posts commemorating this beautiful groups latest accomplishment. Following the Introduction Post for the Regular lineup that makes up Houkago Princess, it is now time to introduce the newest group under the Princess name, HoupriYusu, otherwise known as HouPri Youth. If you would like to know more about this Model Generation, then stay tuned, and take some notes!

You can find the Regular Member Profiles HERE, if you have not yet read it!

Introduced on February 18th 2015, Houpriyusu (or, HouPri Youth) became the official younger sister unit to Houkago Princess, and would house the Apprentices and Cadets who aspired to become Regular members. Whilst the members themselves do not release any singles, the group holds regular live performances to grow their fanbase, whilst also performing alongside Houkago Princess as background dancers, and sometimes vocals, as well. The members are also given the chance to fill in for members who might have suspended their activities, or are ill and can not perform. Currently, all members within the current lineup for Houpriyusu have done modelling work of some form.

Though the group is small, all members are hard working, and aspire to become full-fledged members of Houkago Princess so that they can have their single debut, and feature in up-coming releases. For now, though, they are setting their sights on becoming Princesses, and proving that their hard work and dedication will amount to that debut that is within their reach!

Ready to captivate and bespell you all, these are the girls who will work hard for your love and support as they ascend towards the throne, slowly but surely, until they attain their tiaras and become the Princesses we know they can become! When the clock strikes 4pm, will you wave your magic wand and deliver unto them all a fairy tale ending only they have longed for?