Wednesday, 17 December 2014

[12 Days of Idols] It's A Very Fluffy Christmas Time! So Let's Become Adorable with SKE48's '12-gatsu no Kangaroo' Music Video! Let's Get FLUFFY!

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Christmas is the time of year where we can dress real cute. Well, we can actually dress really cute all year round, but when it comes to the Winter season we can become these fluffy bundles of cuddles that are warm, cosy and adorable to look at! Sure, it's a pain in the arse to layer up because of the cold, but we look downright adorable doing so! Think of all those fluffy hats, the stylish coats and pretty scarfs... ahhh, the Winter time is truly a year of fashion and fluffiness!

Still, when we do it wrong, we look like divs who have no clue how much fluff they're putting on, but who really cares? WINTER FLUFFINESS, it's so good! And what better way to celebrate the true cuteness of winter clothing than SKE48?

In all of its adorable Christmas glory, how cute will SKE48 become? Tis' the season to be fluffy...~

9 Days and Counting, Oh please Idols send to me...

Christmas Kanagroo's via SKE!

S/mileage No More, but instead: ANGERME! The Angriest of Angels Tears!

All thoughts and opinions are my own, suck it up, kinda likeI have to eventually suck up the fact that this gross name is here to stay.

... Well. I think I've found my contender for the worst decision of 2014, in terms of Hello! Project decisions at least.

And here we all thought Morning Musume '14 was shit. Yeah!

So finally, after many many months of speculation and waiting, S/mileage have officially changed their name to ANGERME. According to various sources the meaning behind the name is actually 'Angels Tears' in French (ange + larme), and when put together we have ANGERME.

Except, it looks more like ANGER ME!!!! than it does Angel Tears, and honestly, it looks really ugly as a name. It's not sweet or girly, or elegant and gentle like the name Angel/Ange suggests. It just sounds and looks... well, gross. It really doesn't suit the image the image of S/mileage, not unless they suddenly became a heavy metal band or something...

and, given that they are apparently releasing a song titled 'Revenge of the Maiden', maybe they are going heavy metal!? That'd be cool, though a good chunk of the members wouldn't suit that style of tune... still, though. It would work with the new group name, at least!

But yeah, that name isn't attractive and honestly, I will forever think of it as an angry notion to being angry rather than a group name, I believe. That said, the way the title is styled is totally different; it reminds me of Final Fantasy in how it looks! Actually no matter what the name is with that style of writing and the tiny wing logo, it looks pretty appealing in its own way, but only because of the font and how professional it looks. Still, the actual name itself, that's gross beyond compare.

By the way, according to reports the name was suggested by Gorilla-chan, our dear Nakanishi Kana. Girl, I am disappointed XD

Honestly, I can't get over how... well, how overly bad this is! I'm either laughing at it or lamenting the name change. No matter what though, this is quite possibly the worst decision of 2014 in terms of all decisions made, and honestly, I thought the decision to shuffle some random NG46 members into AKB and vice versa was a shitty decision!

Nope, H!P somehow topped that. Way to go, Hello! Pro. You dun fucked up good this time!

No matter how much you try to convince me of the meaning behind the name, I will find it ugly as fuck no matter what, for however long I feel is necessary to me. Why? Because we went from such a cute, meaningful name to something that looks and sounds ugly when written or spoken (because I will say it as it looks; ANGER ME!!!!!) so of course, I'm going to lament and whine about it. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever get used to the name, because to me this group is S/mileage no matter what.

I'm not happy with this decision, obviously, but at some point or other I will have to suck it all up and accept what has happened; that S/mileage are, literally, no more and ANGERME has officialy replaced them. No matter how much I bitch and whine, and no matter how stupid I think Hello! Project are for actually agreeing to such a god-awful name, this is what has happened and this is how we will have to view S/mileage from here on out: as ANGERME, the angriest form Angel Tears I will ever know.

Once they were S/mileage, and now they are ANGERME, the grossest name in history. Goodbye to a good name, hello to a disgusting one. Sayonara, S/mileage. Y'all be no more!

I'm going to go and cry now, because this is just ew.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

[12 Days of Idols] Will You Become my Pinky Santa this Christmas? BOYFRIEND's 'Pinky Santa' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions regarding this song, the music video and the group behind it all are completely my own and no one else's. If you dislike what I have to say, then you know what? Don't read it. I don't have to appease to the way others think just because they believe I have no right to speak my mind. This is MY blog, and here is where I have the right to speak my mind. The End~

Christmas! It's a time that is not just for family and friends, but also romance! I wonder if romance will bloom for anyone over this beautiful Christmas period? If it does, then I hope that snow will fall on their beautiful date and create the perfect atmosphere, in all of its cliched glory... ahhh, if only...

That said, we don't always need to have cliche's at Christmas when it comes to romance, do we? But I suppose the cliche's in the season of spirit are what makes it so... so magical and lovable in a way. It can also make it cutesy and sickening, somewhat unbearable I suppose, but when used correctly it can make the romance of Christmas feel very warming and sweet! Still, cliche's can be annoying regardless! So, let's review a PV of cliche's and cuteness!

In all of its cute and cliched glory, what will we unwrap today on this lovely Christmas date?

Oh 10 Days to Christmas, Idols please send to me...
BOYFRIEND and cliche's under my tree!

Monday, 15 December 2014

[12 Days of Idols] A Winter Date's Symphony - Sunmyu's 'Hatsuyuki no Symphony' PV Review

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What's your favourite thing about the Winter season? For me it's the lights, the cheer and the fact that even when it's dark and cold, we somehow manage to banish away the Winter blues by lighting up the world and singing happy songs whilst spending the days of winter with the ones we love! This time of the year fills me with happiness, especially when I see my family enjoying it as well!

Another part of the season that makes me happy is listening to and watching the music and PV's provided by Idols filled with Christmas cheer and love, each one different to the other but always something to look forward to! So with that in mind, let's take a look at the next installment in the [12 Days of Idols] series as our Idols embark on a Winter date with a gift wrapped up in love and warmth! I wonder what we will be presented with today?

For the date today, what will you give to me? I look forward to the present!

There are 10 days to Christmas so the Idols gave to me...
A Winter's Symphony~

Sunday, 14 December 2014

[12 Days of Idols] Remembering Douyou Pops! A Look at "The Douyou Pops 1 Christmas to Fuyu no Uta Shuu" Album Review

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Do you know what would make Christmas even more perfect here on Okay! Musume Time's Winter Wonderland Idol Bonanza? Snow. Snow is what would make this place perfect for the season of festivity! Sadly we don't have snow littering about anywhere, so instead we will have to make do with some joyous songs and a few Carols to keep our spirits up! When snow is out of the question, turn to music!

And when it comes to Christmas music, I have the perfect soundtrack in mind to fill my 12 Days of Idols with sweet tunes and festive cheer! Are you ready to sing along with me?

With 11 Days till Christmas, the Idols sang to me...
The Douyou Pops Christmas CD!

Musings & Mutterings: Oh Look, Episode 1!

Due to over-excitement at the idea of creating my very own podcast as well as the positive reaction it garnered, I decided to record the very first episode! It is about 15 minutes long, give or take 30 or so seconds, and I talk a little about going home for the holidays after the end of my first term in University, the positive feedback on creating the podcast from readers and also a bit about Idols and also why I stopped my Digest.

Basically, I just talk, as I said I would. I am making progress!

You Can Listen to Episode one HERE!!!

I'm still at a stage where I can't make my words flow properly, however this is just the first step for me, so eventually I will get better at this. I had fun recording it, even if the first few minutes were in total silence before I edited it to make it look like I was prepared. Honestly, this is scarier than I thought it would be, but I am enjoying it so far. Hopefully you guys will enjoy my rambles as well!

I aim to update every time I upload a podcast, and if not, I should have updated the newest tab added to my blog beneath the banner! If not, then simply check the website link that should be there; I want to try and do this regularly, at least once every week or bi-weekly if I'm busy, because talking is a lot easier than writing or creating a video and it will allow me to keep you updated on different things I believe.
 That, and it will be fun to do a series again!

That is the update for now. I hope you all have a lovely day/afternoon/evening, and enjoy!


[12 Days of Idols] Make Way for The Nutcracker Army! GEM's 'Star Shine Story' MV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own, no matter what. If you dislike what I have to say, don't read what I write. Unless you have something constructive or balanced to say, don't comment with hate-fueled intent. I'd rather be criticised fairly than flamed because of dislike towards my opinions. That is all, thank you.

A tad late, but hey! What's new? I'm always late! WHEEEE~

It's that time of the year again! The Candy Canes are hanging on the tree's, lights are a twinkling and the eggnog is being poured! Of course it's time for Christmas, and when Christmas comes around, so do the Idols in all of their Christmas glory! So let the festivities begin as I take on 12 Days of Idols this festive season, in all their festive spirit! Are you ready?

It's 12 days to Christmas! Let's get started!

There are 12 days till Christmas and the Idols sent to me...
GEM dressed up in Tapestry!